Sacred Ceilings

Sacred Ceiling 20
Sacred Ceiling composite from Seville Spain and Hangzhou China.
Sacred Ceiling 27
Sacred Ceiling composite from Granada Spain and Beijing China.
Sacred Ceiling 28
Sacred Ceiling composites from Rome Italy.
Sacred Ceiling 6
Sacred Ceiling composite from Seville and Granada Spain.

Whenever I travel I make sure to visit spiritual sites. These sites often have spectacular ceilings that I like to photograph. While doing so I have witnessed a desire among humans to represent the spiritual experience through architecture. These structures share a common  thread regardless of faith or geo-location. They are meant to impress and to inspire the spirit. Although not immediately evident they also share stunning similarities in mathematics, and fractal design, in a coded language that seeks to induce a transcendence of space-time.

This notion is evident when composite photographs of these spaces are layered with partial transparency. Regardless of faith, architectural ethnicity, or  structural scale, a kaleidoscopic symmetry is made manifest. Combinations appear infinite. Hinting at deeper meaning of human spiritual depth.

The above ceiling combinations are from Rome Italy, Seville Spain, Granada Spain, Beijing China, and Hangzhou China.

Painting sold and Blog started

grainery_wranglersSometimes it takes longer than expected to get things done. Today I was able to achieve two such year-end goals in one day. They took all week to orchestrate. Gratefully, I closed a sale on a painting that was placed back in May,  and I finally created this blog using secure techniques in order to expand art-business functionality.  Both experiences have had similar start/stop creation stories. I’ve created and deactivated numerous blogs over the years, and the painting had been under development since 2008.   Its provenance began at the Spanish Steps show at Gallery 6311. It was reworked in 2015, and now the oil on pine titled Agrow (aka; Grainery Wranglers)  has a new home in Seattle. …And I have new place to post content about such things. Onward.