Dendroica Gallery presents “Abstract Alternatives”


Dendroica Gallery presents “Abstract Alternatives”

Opening April 14. 2016,  Dendroica Gallery presents “Abstract Alternatives” – new work by Jeff Mihalyo, a Seattle-based artist. Known for his mastery of multiple mediums and styles, Mihalyo’s current exhibit is a series of black and white abstract drawings using interlocking natural shapes and fractal patterns.

This new set of drawings offer formalist compositions that showcase the surrealist elements in the pieces. Each composition uses depth and focus to convey subjects in dimensional space without representationalism. Like electron microscope images of alien objects, these compositions present worlds made from ideas as much as interwoven shapes.

Mihalyo’s international art career spans over a quarter of a century, and he is known for creating everything from large-scale fantastical flowing and glowing landscapes (sometimes including levitating cities) to video installations where his bearded visage overpowers the screen, to cast-paint objects.

Exhibit Review by Cincinnati arts journal ÆQAI:

Artist working in traditional and new media.