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If you found this page, it is likely that you have been looking for Heidi Frohring.
I am sorry to say that her passing has been a sad reminder that any one of us can go at any time. Her colorful, silly and adventurous light touched many people and will be remembered with a smile by all who knew her.

As her ex-Husband, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to comment on the subject of Heidi. She was a powerhouse of creative energy, but could also be infuriating in her often irrational stubbornness. Her internal glow was surrounded by a certain darkness that never seemed to dissipate no matter how happy she was. I saw her and understood her in a way that others couldn't. That which she exposed to the outside world was a tragi-color circus passing overhead like a hysterically laughing fireball. Her life is best described is such mixed metaphors which was often lost on most. She loved the bizarre, and the surreal. She loved the dark as much as light. Normal things were a bore, and often colored them with staccato outbursts of color, sparkles, plastic toys, and cackles.

It took a lot out of me to become divorced from Heidi. Divorce makes people angry, frustrated, and hurt, and I was all of those things. For nearly three years we did not speak. Unfortunately the only closure on our marriage would be by cleaning out her house after her death. For most of the summer of 2005 this was my task. I feel that despite my former anger, I did what I could to do right by her. That which was left behind by her then current boyfriend was a mess. She did not deserve the end she received.

Those of her friends that moved about her house after her death looked like ghosts. Their expressions wide-eyed in disbelief, but also hollow. Each selecting small meaningful or meaningless items to remember her by. The house was surrounded by exotic plants, many of which were in pots. These were disseminated to her many friends and this is the sort of thing that would have made her happy.

One of the few positive things that emerged from her death was the reuniting of her younger brother and I. This is not to say that he and I could not achieve any other way. I'm sure he would rather have his sister back then my bitter ass any day. However, since we are the living archive of Heidi's life, we share something that only we can relate about. We two probably understood Heidi the best. Being half of that archive, I built this site in order to share in her memory with those who remember her outrageous and crazy antics and contagious laugh. I hope you enjoy what you see here.

-Jeff Mihalyo


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