April 3, 2018
©City Arts Magazine Jeff Mihalyo’s Fantastic Realms

Jeff Mihalyo’s Fantastic Realms

-by Amanda Manitach

April 23rd, 2016
© AEQAI The Formal Behind the Surreal: “Abstract Alternatives,” Jeff Mihalyo, Dendroica Gallery, April 14 to May 8, 2016
-by Elisa Mader

March 29, 2016
© Seattle Times Center on Contemporary Art pops up again with whack-a-mole vitality
-by Michael Upchurch

February, 2016
© Enzyme Arts: cover art and pp15, Jeff Mihalyo; The Art Game Well Played
-By Kree Arvanitas

May 20, 2015
©The Stranger: Why You Still Can’t See the 20-Foot-Long Mural from the OK Hotel Bar After 14 Years.
-By Sarra Scherub

Thursday, May 14, 2015
©City Arts: Fabric “Wrap Your Head Around Jeff Mihalyo”
-By Amanda Manitach and Miguel Edwards

May 1, 2015
©Bass Archer “You’ve got me Floating – Gravity’s Got Nothing on Jeff Mihalyo”
Written Exclusively For and Published By WEAVE Magazine – Volume 3, May 2015 – by Sarra Scherb

January 1, 2014
© The Stranger | Music-Sound Check.
2014 Sound Check Regrets: Awkward Silence with Sir Paul, a Desert Diner Super-Ball
-By Trent Moorman

July 29, 2013
© Examiner | Arts & Entertainment.
Art exhibitions: Creative sparks fly at CoCA’s ‘Collision
-By Elisa Mader

Fall 2011
“Scanografie” by Werner Abel,
© Narelli Verlag publishing Reichenau, Germany, 2011, p191

September 13, 2011
©The Seattle Times Tuesday, September 13, 2011, p32
“Whose Picture is It?: Bumber by Number at Bumbershoot”
-By Gary Faigin

September 2, 2011
©The Seattle Times Friday, September 2, 2011, p32
“Bumbershoot preview: Visual arts”
-By Michael Upchurch

August 26, 2009
©West Seattle HaroldWednesday, August 26, 2009, p12
“ArtsWest Launches season with ‘Altered Association'”
-By Robinson Newspaper

July 21, 2002
©Seattle Times Entertainment & the Arts: Sunday, July 21, 2002
The art of grief: Tragedy, as we have seen, can be personal, and national
-By Alex Tizon: Seattle Times staff reporter

March 21 2002
©The Stranger
Visual Arts Calendar
-By Emily Hall

August 31 2001
©Seattle Times
“Is it art? Weather vanes, Indian quilts and canned peaches attempt an answer”
-By Matthew Kangas

May 2001
ArtAccess magazine
-By Alec Clayton: Artist and Writer

Aprill 2001
ArtAccess magazine
-By Jeffrrey Moose

September 1999
Art Access Magazine
The OK Hotel mural

October 1994
Willamette Weekly

June 1992
Art Access Magazine