I work with film and video in tandem with making other visual art. Sometimes professionally. These selected clips present a range of projects that I have been engaged in over the years. Some are assembled from 35mm photographs while others are transferred from 8mm or super-8 film.

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This montage of five separate exhibits on display in late 2021 presents three stylistic differences in my painting process.

View my Cast Paint Egg making process.

View my Stencil Figure Process


Beard Video still
Beard Video. Chapter One. (screen capture) 2015 dimensions variable .
Beard Video still
Beard Video Projection, Astoria, Oregon. 2018


Freeways (four screen captures)
Freeways is a 1:09 minute stop-motion animation of Seattle’s Freeway system circa 1995.

Freeways presented as a “drive-by” video installation at Rock/Dement Gallery in 2010, and STIFF Animation Festival in 2016.

Drive-by video installation.
Freeways installation view 2009


Ballard High School demolition and reconstruction.
Still image from of the demotion and reconstruction of Ballard High School, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Ballard High School (Seattle WA, USA) demolition and reconstruction captures with 35mm film, over a two year period in the late 1990s.