Happy Fall 2021


Happy Fall 2021

On Saturday October 9th 2021 I will be holding a (masked) in-person closing event at a new micro-gallery pop-up located at 6309 24th Ave. NW in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

The small and temporary gallery is the facade space of Primal Screens and was created to bring a variety of exhibitions in the coming months. The door will be open for the closing event between 5-9pm, however the entire show is visible through the bay windows until October 12th and is illuminated during off hours. All the available artworks are listed online at shop.mihalyo.com

Opening October 7th 2021 is a group exhibition titled “Artists of the Pub Reunion” that showcase artists that have displayed work at Collins Pub in Seattle over the years. 
Thirteen artists kick-off the re-opening of the venue after 18 months of pandemic closure. My contribution are three Covid Crinkle paintings created during this time. 

I am currently in a group exhibition in Solingen Germany celebrating 120 years of Sulamith Wülfing produced by Nautilus Studio.
Wülfing (1901-1989) was an artist from Wuppertal Germany that has influenced artists and musicians during the 1970s and beyond. Twenty six international artist celebrate her life with a sprawling exhibit that includes work by Sulamith Wülfing herself. A German and English version of the exhibition catalog has been produced and is available at: 

New Giclee Editions are added to my shop monthly. These prints are made with archival inks and paper and can be shipped anywhere in the US.
A Brief History of Architecture” is a recent commission and ”Onward” from 2015 are now available as 100% scale reproductions.

During the summer months I use the heat of the sun to speed-dry various painting projects in the back yard in order to prepare for winter work indoors.
This year I have also begun to document and create videos of my art making processes. Among these projects are painting commissions, cast paint eggs, spray-paint stencils and more.

Please join my youtube channel to watch these recent uploads and expect to see more videos as they become available. 

Thank you for your support in these crazy times. 
It is not easy to make, show and sell artwork in a time where so much uncertainty surrounds nearly every aspect of life. I appreciate your engagement with my creative projects and miss seeing your faces in real life.
Stay safe out there. 

Artist working in traditional and new media.