Sacred Ceilings

Pantheon Ceiling, 35mm film, 2006 Architecture

Sacred Ceilings

Whenever I travel I make sure to visit spiritual sites. These sites often have spectacular ceilings that I like to photograph. While doing so I have witnessed a desire among humans to represent the spiritual experience through architecture. These structures share a common  thread regardless of faith or geo-location. They are meant to impress and to inspire the spirit. Although not immediately evident they also share stunning similarities in mathematics, and fractal design, in a coded language that seeks to induce a transcendence of space-time.

This notion is evident when composite photographs of these spaces are layered with partial transparency. Regardless of faith, architectural ethnicity, or  structural scale, a kaleidoscopic symmetry is made manifest. Combinations appear infinite. Hinting at deeper meaning of human spiritual depth.

The above ceiling combinations are from Rome Italy, Seville Spain, Granada Spain, Beijing China, and Hangzhou China.

Artist working in traditional and new media.