Frequency Unknown opens at Broadcast, October 12, 2017, 5-8pm

Broadcast Intallations

Frequency Unknown opens at Broadcast, October 12, 2017, 5-8pm

Frequency Unknown is a permanent installation at Broadcast Apartments located at 1420 E Madison St, Seattle, Washington 98122 . A public viewing of the installation and Open House will be held Thursday October 12th between 5-8pm.

This project is inspired by several key components of broadcast technology and its history. These include content creation, the broadcast or transmission of that content and its reception or consumption:

This building size multimedia installation includes steel fabrication, vacuum-forming, video creation, editing, and surface mapping, aluminum bending and sandblasting, the laser cutting and hand finishing of wood components, 3D printing, CNC routing of acrylic panels, computer-controlled vinyl cutting, programmable LED lights, and more. Additional photographic and augmented reality elements are yet to be added. In addition to the artists and their human helpers, six robots were employed to create this piece.

The lobby tower rises six stories through the building, as though the building was built around it. The panels represent many moments, milestones, and technologies in the history of broadcasting. The videos included represent the role and content of the broadcasting phenomenon, much taken from the past but filtered by today’s sensibilities.

Frequency Unknown is a product of F.E.W Research LLC, (Ray Freeman, Miguel Edwards, and Jonathan Womack) with additional work by Jeff Mihalyo, curated by Sara Everett and made possible with generous support from Broadcast Apartments.

One Night Event and Open House Thursday, October 12th, 5-8pm
1420 E Madison St, Seattle, Washington 98122

Artist working in traditional and new media.