Closing reception for Mihalyo’s “Abstract Impressions”

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Closing reception for Mihalyo’s “Abstract Impressions”

Dendroica Gallery

Jeff Mihalyo’s show of small scale abstract paintings at Dendroica Gallery closes this weekend.
Light refreshments will be served Saturday July 8th  from 5 – 9 pm at Dendroica Gallery.
1718 East Olive Way, Suite A
Seattle, WA 98102, USA.

Come meet the artist and enjoy the company of other art lovers!

Included in the exhibit are over two dozen small scale paintings that are a direct descendent of the artist ongoing abstract process. These works utilize a variety of airbrush, folding, spray-stencil and hand painted techniques. Inspiration for the artwork derives from over 7 years of sketchbook drawings. Many of the conceptual drawings debuted previously at the gallery and are paintings made manifest this year in color. Also in the exhibit are sections from the artist “Alpha-Numeric” abstractions and his left-handed series including a nine-foot triptych inspired by visits to Roman ruins and Chines construction sites. This is your last chance to see the works together under one roof. The show closes Sunday at 5pm.

Mihalyo art
Dendroica Gallery’s 2017 installation views of Abstract Impressions.
Artist working in traditional and new media.