Happy Summer 2019!

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Happy Summer 2019!

Much has happened since my October 2018 missive. They are too numerous to mention. While time marches on I stay motivated and focused on meeting the requirements of tomorrow.  Here is a brief synopsis of upcoming activity at Mihalyo Studios. 

Upcoming 2019 Exhibitions

Opening June 29, 2019
The Nautilus Studio
Easter fields str. 6
42103 Wuppertal, Germany 

I will be presenting Giclee reproductions of my paintings along with visionary artists Otto Rapp and Liba W. Stambollion at the new Nautilus Studio in Wuppertal Germany, opening June 29th.
This is my first show of artworks in Europe and is a long awaited dream of mine that has finally come to fruition. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend in person but plan to appear during the opening via Internet streaming. 

Opening August 1st, 2019
Colins Pub
526 2nd Ave, 
Seattle, WA USA

Opening Thursday August 1st during the Seattle Art Fair weekend I will be presenting a wide variety of large and small scale works at Collins Pub in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood. The install date is Sunday July 7th and will run for two months. The show will include representational and abstract works and will also feature a large Augmented Reality painting. 

Meanwhile back in the studio I continue to develop various projects such as my beard video, cast-paint eggs, and mini-paintings. My social media links below are the most practical way to follow these activities. 

In other news:

You might be aware that I am a partner in WORKSHOP 3D, a start-up company specializing in Augmented Reality services aimed at museums and small businesses. We have attended a number of events since last October.

The largest event was the Western Museum Association conference in Tacoma that resulted in the March release of our latest FarmAR app supporting a permanent AR display at the Quincy Historical Society and Museum in Quincy Washington.

Last week we returned from the Washington Museum Association conference that was held in Spokane WA. There we demonstrated our Quincy Museum project to the staff of dozens of museums from around the state. Many were interested in adopting our technology for future exhibits and we look forward to working with them. We are already booked to attend this October’s Western Museum Association Conference in Boise Idaho.

Have a great summer!

Artist working in traditional and new media.